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Exporting File Search Results to Excel Datasheets

The simplest way to export file search results to an Excel datasheet is to copy selected results to the clipboard and than paste copied file search results in Microsoft Excel. In order to copy file search results to the clipboard, select one or more results in the file search results view, press the right mouse button and select the 'Copy File Details to Clipboard' menu item.

Selected file search results will be copied to the clipboard according to the current sorting and filtering modes and will be available in the Excel datasheet exactly in the same way as displayed in the file search results view. In order to export files user names to an Excel datasheet, the option to show files user names should be enabled during the file search operation. In order to be able to sort file search results by the last modification date, the user needs to open the 'Options' dialog, select the 'Reports' tab and set an appropriate date format, which can be properly sorted in Excel datasheets.

Another option to export file search results to Microsoft Excel, is to save an Excel CSV report file. Press the 'Save' button located on the main toolbar, select the 'CSV Report' format, enter a file name to save the report to and press the 'Save' button. Now, in order to open the saved CSV report file in Microsoft Excel, just click on the CSV report file in Windows file explorer.

When exporting file search results to Excel datasheets, the user needs to take into account that the comma (,) character used as the data field delimiter in CSV reports is also a valid file name character and file names containing the comma (,) character will span across multiple data fields in Excel datasheets. In order to properly export such file names to an Excel datasheet, open the 'Options' dialog, select the 'Reports' tab and change the CSV reports delimiter to the 'Tab' character which cannot be used in file names.