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Search Files by Multi-Level Rules

Sometimes, it may be required to define multi-level, hierarchical file matching rules. For example, let's assume that we need to find files related to multiple file categories that were modified today. In order to define such a rule, open the advanced search options dialog, press the right mouse button over the list of file matching rules and select the 'Add Nested Rule List' menu item.

On the nested rules dialog, add all the required file categories, select the 'OR' logical operator and press the 'OK' button. On the advanced search dialog, press the 'Add' button, add the time-based file matching rule to find files that were modified today and select the 'AND' logical operator.

The nested rule list will match all the required file categories, while the time-based top level file matching rule will select files that were modified today. VX Search provides a fully scalable rule-based model with an unlimited number of nested levels allowing one to define sophisticated multi-level file matching rules capable of precisely searching the required files.

In addition, power computer users and IT administrators are provided with an XML-Based format allowing one to define custom file classifications plugins and complex search queries, which may executed using the VX Search command line utility. Finally, the command line utility may be used to execute automated periodic file search operations, generate reports, submit search results to an SQL database or issue E-Mail notifications when a search operation finds a user-specified number of files.