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Showing File Search Statistics and Charts

The bottom part of the main VX Search GUI application shows file categories and allows one to filter search results by one or more file categories. The user is provided with the ability to categorize search results by the file extension, size, creation, modification and last access time, file type and the user name. Use the categories combo box to select an appropriate categorization mode.

File Search Results Categories

In addition to the statistics displayed in the file categories pane, VX Search allows one to generate various types of pie and bars charts. In order to show a chart for the currently displayed file categories, press the 'Charts' button located on the main toolbar.

File Search Results Statistics Charts

The charts dialog shows the currently selected file categories and allows one to change the chart's title and footer, copy the chart's image to the clipboard or print the chart making it very simple to integrate VX Search charts into user's custom reports and documents.