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Search Files by File Time

In addition to the file matching rules capable of searching files by user-specified dates, VX Search provides an additional set of file matching rules allowing one to search files by relative periods of time. For example, the user can search files that were created, last modified or last accessed during the last X years, months, days, hours, minutes or seconds.

Search Files by Creation, Last Modification or Last Access Time

The relative time-based rules are useful when the user needs stable periods of time not changing and keeping valid as the time passes by. For example, a file matching rule searching files that were modified during the last 7 days is always valid disregarding of the current date.

Search Files by Time Operators

The time-based file matching rules provide a number of pre-configured operators allowing one to search files that were created, last modified or last accessed today, during this week, during this month or during this year. In addition, there are a number of standard comparison operators and time range operators. Finally, the user is provided with the ability to search files with the creation, last modification or last access timestamps set to a future time.

Search Files by Time Units