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Search Files by File Type or Category

One of the most powerful capabilities of VX Search is the ability to search files by the file type or category using an extensive set of file classification plugins capable of recognizing more than 2500 types of files. In order to search files related to a category, select the 'Search Files Categorized As' file matching rule and press the 'Select' button to select an appropriate file category.

All file categories are organized into a logical hierarchy with multiple subcategories, groups and file classes. Select a file classification plugin and browse the hierarchy of file categories to select an appropriate file type. For example, select the 'Images, Pictures and Graphic Files' category to find all types of images and picture files. This is especially useful when the user needs to find multiple types of files, but does not know all the required file extensions.

If the selected file category contains a number of subcategories, files related to any of the selected subcategories will be displayed in the search results. A number of file categories may be added using multiple file matching rules combined with a logical (AND, OR) operator. Finally, power computer users and IT administrators may design custom file classification plugins with user-specific file categories and hierarchies using a simple XML-based format and use these custom file categories in file search operations.