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Search Directories

VX Search provides the ability to find directories by the number of files, number of subdirectories or the amount of disk space used by files located in a directory. For example, in order to find all directories containing more than 1,000 files, select the 'Directory' search rule, select the 'More Than' operator, set the rule value to 1,000 and set the rule units to 'Files'.

Search Directories

In addition to the standard operators, the 'Directory' rule provides two special operators, named 'Empty' and 'Not Empty', allowing one to easily find empty or not empty directories. During the search process, the 'Directory' rule will be applied only to directories and in order to operate properly, the command search mode should be set to 'Search Files and Directories' or 'Search Directories Only'.

Search Directories Mode

The search mode is especially useful when the user needs to find directories by the directory name and/or attributes and skip all files matching the rules from the search results. In order to search only for directories, open the search options dialog, select the 'General' tab and set the search mode to 'Search Directories Only'.